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Spotlight on Premium Service
Check Out Some of Our Past Projects
Get Ahead of Spring and Summer Maintenance Today

Spotlight on Premium Service Program

Performance Mechanical Group is pleased to continue to support the Puget Sound Energy Premium Service Program which contributes funds toward the cost of calibrating and repairing existing economizers, installing new economizers, verifying refrigerant charge, and adjusting other controls for optimal performance of rooftop HVAC equipment.

Economizers on rooftop equipment are one of the most effective way to lower cooling costs in the Pacific Northwest. Economizers consist of dampers, sensors, and controls that enable the system to provide “free” cooling via the use of outside air when conditions allow. Unfortunately, economizers are often neglected and not operating near their full potential. Performance has paired with Puget Sound Energy to offer subsidized calibration, repair, and installation of economizers, thermostats and other energy saving components.
Performance Mechanical Group, in conjunction with Puget Sound Energy (PSE), has been performing Premium Service on rooftop HVAC units since 2009. In most cases the full cost of the program costs is covered by grants from PSE.
To learn more about the program, incentive rebates and how PSE has covered the total cost of this program for many of our customers please visit: http://www.performancemechanicalgroup.com/performance-premium-service
Kenny Miller - General Manager, Performance Mechanical Group  
Check Out Some of Our Past Projects
For the last 30 years Performance Mechanical Group has been providing exceptional service to the greater Puget Sound area. Recently, we decided to start highlighting some of our past projects to give our customers and community some insight into our capabilities and projects we have worked on. 
I encourage you to visit our Past Projects page and see what we’ve been up to:
Todd Evans - Construction Operations Manager, Performance Mechanical Group

Get Ahead of Spring and Summer Maintenance Today
The spring and summer months are here and as you know the Puget Sound area is ripe with pollen, dust and debris as the spring winds and rains come down – including that pesky, white cottony fluff otherwise known as Cottonwood. We are quickly then followed by increasing temperatures into the summer months. To maintain indoor comfort you don’t want to fall behind in scheduling your annual maintenance before you start putting higher demand on your HVAC equipment. 
Our service department is anticipating an increase in maintenance and service calls over the next few months, don’t let your equipment be left to chance when you can get ahead of peak demand today.
Contact us at service@pmghvac.com or 425-251-0356.
Spencer Stanton, Service Manager, Performance Mechanical Group

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