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October 2014        

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Message from Kenny Miller, GM


A few weeks ago I sent a message regarding planning HVAC projects for 2015. As we come to these closing months of 2014, I wish to thank all of our customers for their tremendous faith in us for what we do. So, as you make your final preparations for 2015 planning be sure to remember that our offerings go beyond regular service and maintenance. We have four full time engineers; a controls department, team of project managers, and a support staff in dispatch and service all ready to take on your major projects. We are always willing to provide estimates and consultations for projects. Never hesitate to reach out to me or my team.

Kenny Miller - General Manager, Performance Mechanical Group

Service Tip: Gear Up For Winter and Have Your HVAC System Serviced Now

The cold, wet winter months are right at our doorstep, so now is the time to get some service in to make sure your building is prepared for the cold months ahead. Servicing now will save you time, energy and suffering in the colder months when you find out your system needs servicing. Not to mention, the additional cost of having to fix something that could have been prevented.

Save Time
There are a number of advantages to getting your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system serviced now. Doing so can help ensure long-lasting and reliable service throughout the winter months. One of the best reasons to schedule service now is that you can save time.

Save Money
During your inspection, our highly trained and dedicated technician will make a note of any parts that look worn or that should be replaced. Much like scheduled maintenance on vehicles, changing out parts that become worn before they break helps to ensure that you will not be left stranded without heat in the dead of winter.

Reduce Frustration
Getting worn or noisy parts and belts replaced before they malfunction can help avoid other nearby parts from being affected as well. You will also avoid the unexpected delays and rearranging of your schedule that is necessary to accommodate an emergency service call from us during the long, cold days of winter. Not only does this help save you money, it can keep your frustration level down too!

As we approach the heating season, we need to be checking the heating cycles on all the air conditioning equipment, paying particular attention to the operation of the boilers. During the early hours of the morning, heating may be needed to take the chill off but in the afternoon there may be a need for cooling. A well-tuned building will only use the amount of heating and cooling needed to make the building comfortable. Too often we find a building is overheating and over-cooling and sometimes heating and cooling at the same time, missing out on a tremendous amount of energy savings.

Besides the HVAC systems, building owners should check and clear all roof drains, remove all roof debris and look for cracks or bubbles in the roofing that may indicate problems. As a service for our customers, our technicians report any issues they may see while they are on the roof of any building. Don’t wait until you have bigger problems at critical times, now is the time to test and review your systems and ensure that energy expenses are minimized and tenant comfort is protected

Spencer Stanton - Service Director, Performance Mechanical Group

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