June 2014 Newsletter


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Message from Kenny Miller


I am pleased to share with you our first bi-monthly newsletter. I hope that this newsletter provides you with useful information about the quality service Performance Mechanical Groups strives for each day, on each project for all our customers. We know in this market you have a variety of service contractors to choose from and we are thankful that you chose us.

For our first newsletter I thought it important to highlight the dangers cottonwood has on equipment this time of year and how our Premium Service program can save you money while being funded partially by the utility.

As this is our first official newsletter, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this a valuable communication for you. Please contact communications@pmghvac.com.

Kenny Miller - General Manager

Service Tip: The High Price of Neglect

One of the most common, and avoidable performance issues on HVAC air conditioning units is operating with dirty and corroded coils. The coils are where heat is either removed or added to the space. Both the condenser and the evaporator coils are engineered to provide optimum heat transfer as required by the space being conditioned. So when coils become dirty or corroded this has an adverse effect on how optimal the unit will run. This is especially true right now as we are at the height of cottonwood season. That thick white ‘cottony’ pest can be found in the air moving across these coils. And it’s not just cottonwood, the air right now also contains dust, dirt, pollen, grease, and moisture. When these contaminants settle on the coil surfaces it affects the coils’ ability to transfer heat, thus making the cost of operating dirty air conditioning greater. When the coil becomes soiled with dirt and grime, it cannot provide its designed heat transfer, and that costs you in many ways.

The Costs of Dirty Coils Add Up
Cottonwood, dirt and grime build up can ‘insulate’ the coils causing an increase in the discharge pressures which increases the amperage draw and run time of the compressor and other components, while simultaneously reducing heat transfer capacity. Equipment operating with dirty coils can use more than 30% more energy than equipment with clean coils. Don’t end up paying for more power on equipment that is working harder and harder to get the same or less cooling.

The cost to run equipment with dirty coils are not always realized right away. Higher operating pressures and temperatures caused by a dirty coil can reduce the equipment’s life expectancy. The elevated system temperature and pressure leads to the premature breakdown of the compressor’s lubricant, just like running your car to hot and the oil breaks down. Additionally, acid formation can occur, leading to an acid burnout. Both situations will seriously compromise the compressor and ultimately lead to premature catastrophic equipment failure. Compressor replacement means considerable downtime and cost to the building owner. Clean coils can reduce the risk of these “expensive” consequences.

And don’t forget, corroded and dirty evaporator coils create an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mold that can impact a building’s indoor air quality. Cleaning, sanitizing, and protecting the evaporator coil and surrounding areas is critical. In addition to the coils, the condensate pan is prone to the build-up of bacterial slime. As condensate collects in the pan, and doesn’t drain properly, it can become a breeding place for harmful bacteria. This build-up can cause odor as well as plugged drains and overflows, which in turn can cause significant water damage.

Don’t waste another dollar
By contracting us for your coil cleaning to remove cottonwood and other contaminants you will be protecting your equipment and maintaining a healthy environment for your customers and employees. Performance Mechanical Group is pleased to offer a 5% discount on coil cleanings for the months of June and July. Please contact your account rep or info@pmghvac.com to take advantage of this offer.

Performance Spotlight: Performance Premium Service

Performance Mechanical Group is pleased to offer Performance Premium Service to our customers. In conjunction with Puget Sound Energy (PSE), we have been performing Premium Service on rooftop HVAC units since 2009. In most cases the full cost of the program is covered by grants from PSE, so our customers pay nothing for calibrating and repairing existing economizers, installing new economizers, verifying refrigerant charge, and adjusting other controls for optimal performance.

How It Works:
Economizers on rooftop equipment are one of the most effective way to lower cooling costs in the Pacific Northwest. Economizers consist of dampers, sensors, and controls that enable the system to provide “free” cooling via the use of outside air when conditions allow. Unfortunately, economizers are often neglected and not operating near their full potential. We will calibrate, repair, and install economizers, thermostats and other energy saving components, as needed, as part of the service.

Advantages of Participating:

  • An investment in energy conservation projects increases property values. Operating expenses are lowered while making valuable upgrades to the facility.
  • The resulting energy savings will bring additional value to your tenants, typically with no capital investment.
  • It is environmentally responsible to reduce energy usage wherever possible.
  • These energy saving measures can add points to your Energy Star benchmark rating, again usually at no cost to you.
  • The program requires no capital investments in most cases. Typically the PSE incentive covers the full cost for the work performed.
Find Out More: www.performancemechanicalgroup.com/performance-premium-service